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Post Hole Drilling

We are a locally owned business located in the Pipe Creek Texas in the beautiful Hill Country.  We provide affordable bobcat (skid steer) work including construction, post hole digging/drilling, brush moving, cedar clearing, and mowing services. We serve Bandera, Kendall, and Medina Counties including the areas of Bandera, Pipe Creek, Boerne, Medina, and Helotes TX.

We live in the Texas Hill Country and are familiar with the land and the special requirements for working this ground and it's conservancy.  Whether it's clearing cedar trees from your property or drilling fence post holes in solid limestone or caliche we have equipment and experience to match the job. For an estimate or to discuss a job please call (210) 861-6442 or use our contact page. For more information on the areas we service in the Texas Hill Country please visit our service area page.

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Having the right equipment is extremely important in this part of Texas because of the adverse soil conditions.
  • For clearing cedars we can use a stump bucket to more effectively root out the cedar and create less damage to the surrounding ground.
  • When drilling post holes we use a tungsten carbide rock bit to bore through solid limestone and caliche.
  • Our Gehl skid steer has almost 100 HP and weighs about 8,000 pounds. This allows us to put more power to the ground than many backhoes.
  • For a finish grade after clearing we can utilize a rock bucket to remove loose rocks from the landscape to allow for better native grass growth.
Just a few words about the cedars that grow in our part of the Texas Hill Country:

Contrary to popular belief the cedar trees that we see here are not recent invaders, and to make that case cedar pollen evidence has been found in a cave in Bexar County that mountain cedar existed here for at least 10,000 years dating to the last Ice Age.  That being said there are good arguments for and against clearing cedar trees from your property. It is important to be able to identify the old growth cedars that were once the predominant growth here in this part of Texas. When clearing your property we will exercise the utmost of care to preserve the older "more stately" old growth cedars that can be a beneficial tree to leave on your property. These trees can provide shade, erosion control, and a habitat for native wildlife. There are indeed many examples of managed cedar clearing that has resulted in additional ground water being available to nourish other plants such as our magestic oak trees. The moral of the story could be summed up to be; not all cedar trees are bad!

Thanks for visiting our web site, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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